Iceland Manufacturing Trial Jet Cook™ and Vacuum Cooling

Last week we ran four days of extensive trials with Iceland Manufacturing Limited and colleagues from BCH at our Product Development Kitchen in Great Gransden, UK.

Over the four day period we trialled a large variety of Slimming World products including Tikka Masala, Meat Ragu, Onion Gravy, Mint and Pea Soup and Creamy Pasta Sauces to mention only a few.

The products were cooked using both the In-Tank and In-Line Jet Cook™ Systems before being transferred to a BCH Vacuum Cooling System. The products were cooked and cooled in a fraction of the traditional processing time in a controlled, repeatable and recorded manner.

The combination of the Jet Cook™ and the Vacuum Cooling process also gives the customer superb finished product quality and is presently being installed at one of the UK’s largest chilled ready meal producers.

BCH Vacuum Cooling Systems are due to be installed at IML facility in Manchester to reduce the present cooling time and increase the finished product quality and yield. The successful trials were overseen by representatives from NPD, Process, Engineering and Technical from the production site in Gorton, and all representatives were delighted with both the cooking and cooling results.