Iceland Manufacturing Trial DCN’s New Jet Cook™ Test System

We were delighted to again welcome Iceland Manufacturing to our Product Development Kitchen last week for final product and process testing of 8 of their Ethnic and European soups and sauces

Iceland were the first customer to run trials on our latest Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion Test System, our third system in three years, and our most advanced to date. The system combines our latest design Jet Cook™ In-Line and In-Tank units and Powder Entrainment System, the system are all controlled by our most recent Recipe Manager System. The test system also has our patented Braising Bar, Vapour Reduction System, In-Vessel Emulsifier and integrated Pump Fill Station all positioned on a much wider platform allowing the customers to get a better view of the trials.

The 8 products were cooked using both our In-Line and In-Tank Jet Cook™ Systems. They were then transferred to BCH’s Vacuum Cooling System,* and cooled from 85°C to below 5°C in less than 35 minutes.  The finished product quality was excellent according to the Iceland team.

We look forward to working on-site with Iceland later this month when our systems are installed.

*supplied by our sister company - BCH