Greencore Warrington upgrade with Jet Cook™

As part of Greencore’s £19M upgrade of their Warrington Ready Meal facility, they have replaced all their existing steam infusion systems with our patented and award-winning Jet Cooks™.

The decision to change was made after Greencore carried out several trials at our test facility where they were very impressed with the speed, improved quality, and quietness of the technology.

The Jet Cook™ units will allow Greencore to produce a much wider range of sauces, and most importantly the capability to produce meat-based sauces and ragus.

The other benefits will include reduced processing times, superior finished product quality and both technical and process assistance from our experienced product development team.

Our constant development of the Jet Cook™ Units have moved our technology into the next generation of cooking, and we have eliminated all the problems previously associated with this type of heating method. These included noise due to steam hammer, poor pumping when reaching higher temperatures, inefficient heat transfer, unreliable powder entrainment, poor hygienic design, and blockages caused by large particulates.

Many years of continual development and over 4100 cooking trials covering a large range of products, has made the DCN Jet Cook™ the now recognised industry standard.

This was acknowledged earlier this month when we won “The Top Futuristic Design” award in Dubai for our Jet Cook™ Multi In-Line System capable of heating products from 40°C to 145°C in a single pass and at a rate of 18 tons/hr.

We look forward to working closely with the NPD and Process team at Greencore during their short implementation period.