Further Jet Cook™ Pre-Production Trials

Our test kitchen is still up and running even during these very difficult times, and we are adhering to best safety practices whilst still working to meet our customers’ needs.  Last week, we held some pre-production trials using our Jet Cook, Pump Fill Station and Tumble Chiller.

The customer produces a huge variety of sauces for both further manufacturing and food service, and are presently in the installation stage of more than £1M of DC Norris equipment and services.

Two of the sauces we produced this week were Smokey BBQ and Crackerjack Chilli using Jet Cook, Pump Fill and Tumble Chiller systems. The objective was to match or improve the already excellent product quality and attributes, reduce processing time and simplify the process.

We were able to remove the pre-slurry stage of the starch (water+starch), reduce the heat-up time and the time it took to evenly heat and combine the ingredients.  Overall, we reduced the processing time of both sauces from 90 minutes to less than 30 minutes, reduce processing stages and produce an excellent finished product. 

The products were then pumped out of the Jet Cook System via a Pump Fill Station into 5 litre bags, clipped and then cooled to below 5°C in our Tumble Chiller in less than 40 minutes.

The final result was two delicious sauces and a satisfied customer.

Further Jet Cook™ Pre-Production Trials
Product Development Kitchen  
Further Jet Cook™ Pre-Production Trials
Crackerjack Chilli  
Further Jet Cook™ Pre-Production Trials
Smokey BBQ Sauce