Full Steam Ahead for 2019 Jet Cook™ Trials

Last week was our first full week back running the Product Development Kitchen after the Christmas break, and we started it with two sets of customer trials.

The first day of trials was with a global food producer and involved using Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion Technology to reduce the processing time of chickpea cooking for the production of Hummus. The rapid heating and turbulent mixing produced by our 3rd Generation Jet Cook™ units reduced the processing time by more than 50%, and gave a much better and even cook.  

The second set of trials we ran was with a privately-owned manufacturer of high quality ambient products, supplying the UK’s two leading quality supermarkets.

Curry Paste was produced on our Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion System and braising bar technology and was produced in a fraction of the traditional processing time with excellent finished product quality, and zero burn-on.  The colour, texture, flavour and oil separation was a match for their existing product.

The recipe was exceptionally good quality with more than 25 raw ingredient additions, all of which can be controlled with our world-leading Recipe Manager Software.

The second product was a high quality apple sauce with more than 60% fresh apple content. It is traditionally very difficult when adding such a large volume of chilled ingredients to get the batch temperature back to 90°C to start the cooking, and even more difficult to ensure a good even temperature throughout the product.  As the Jet Cook™ heats and mixes from the centre of the vessel outwards, we ensure rapid and even heating throughout the vessel with less than 1°C  difference anywhere in the vessel.

Due to the rapid heating and even mixing, the product maintained its fresh flavour and colour.  There is also zero burn-on with the Jet Cook™, therefore no discolouration of the product.