Full Steam Ahead Following Gulfood Win

This week following our success at the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards in Dubai, we have been back to business at our UK test facility.

5 days of back to back trials with three UK-based food companies producing everything from chickpea cooking for humus to steak bake and pasta sauces.

Our customers ranged from large food service and healthcare to one of the UK largest ready meal producers, but their objective was the same, to reduce processing time and improve product quality and efficiency.

With the recent news in the UK of Humus being recalled from the shelves in many of our supermarkets due to Salmonella food poisoning, the importance of even and proper cooking/heating has never been higher.

Using the new award-winning Jet Process System, combined with Jet Cook™ we processed a large volume of chickpeas for the processing of hummus.  This isn’t a complex product to produce, but to achieve an even heat throughout the vessel can be difficult due to the peas swelling during cooking and taking up large amounts of the water.   As the peas swell the movement in the vessel is dramatically restricted, and when using traditional steam jacket or injection methods, there is a large difference in temperature. This can lead to some products being under-cooked and potentially result in food safety issues.

DCN have overcome this with a combination of vessel/agitation design  and  Jet Cook™ which heats and pumps from the centre of the vessel, this creates a large amount of turbulence.  There are no moving parts to restrict the swelling peas, giving an even cook and heat.   There is less than 1°C temperature difference anywhere in the vessel. Once the peas have been added, the rapid re-heating of the hot water with the Jet Cook™ is also a huge benefit, a single Jet Cook head will heat 500ltrs of water from 10°C to 95°C in less than 7 minutes.

Other products we made this week included Steak Bake, Rice Pudding and Creamy Chicken Sauce all produced in a fraction of the traditional processing time with superior finished product quality. The addition of our high temperature Braising System allowed us to sear in the moisture in the meat (which is usually lost during a boiling process) to give a better finished product texture and flavour.

Next week we have visitors from India whom we met at Gulfood Manufacturing. We are running two days of product trials and visiting one of our UK Jet Cook customers producing Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference curries.  

Full Steam Ahead Following Gulfood Win
Full Steam Ahead Following Gulfood Win
Full Steam Ahead Following Gulfood Win
Creamy Chicken Sauce