Faster cooking times with Jet Cook™

Last week we spent a day at Do & Co’s production facility close to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow, working with them to produce a high quality soup with more efficiency.

60 litres of this expensive soup usually takes 45 minutes in a Bratt pan, using Jet Cook we produced 250Kgs in 50 minutes to the same excellent finished product quality.

A challenge for food manufacturers when using a Steam Jacketed Kettle or Bratt Pan can be the heating of the milk and cream, this is typically a slow process to avoid burn-on.  However, with the In-Tank Jet Cook unit, it took just 3 minutes to heat the 250Kg batch from 20° to 99°C with no risk of burn-on due to heating from within the product.

It was also important to preserve product quality as well as reducing cook times.  Using the Braising Bar we are able to replicate the process of sweating the onions and vegetables in butter as the chefs would do in the kitchen.  

Once the vegetables are soft the chefs usually blend/homogenise the product with a hand-held blender, taking some time and a lot of hard physical work. Our In-Vessel homogeniser replaced the above manual process and produced a silky smooth finished product, ideal for Do & Co’s business and first class passengers.