Customer Trials at CPUT

Eighteen different product trials took place last week at our Product Development Kitchen in Cape Town, South Africa. The objective for each customer was slightly different; existing Jet Cook customers looking to extend their product ranges and purchase more equipment, through to increasing throughput, energy reduction and improving improved quality.

Over five days we produced a range of products on the same system, including:

1. Chibuku (African Beer made from maize, sorghum and malt)

2. Maheu (African beverage made with maize)

3. Mushroom/Cheese/White/Pepper sauces

4. Apricot Jam

5. Chutney

6. Meat-based baby foods

The DCN Jet Cook Maheu systems that are already operating in Africa, are starting to dominate the market due to the large throughputs that are achievable with just a single operator.  Two of our systems are producing between 18,000 and 20,000ltr per hour with a single 6,000ltr Jet Cook System. These reductions mean our customers can be more competitive on selling prices, and it enables them to add additional ingredients/flavours for NPD.  They are also able to achieve large reductions in water usage, energy reductions (60%) and the amount of cooking/processing vessels required.  

Today we will be exhibiting at Propak Africa – Courlanders Stand – Hall 6 -  J10. 

Stuart Rigby will also be giving a presentation on how the latest smart high speed cooking technologies can reduce carbon footprint whilst still maintaining high quality products.

Seminar Theatre - 12pm – Hall 5.