Cooking & cooling trials produce reduced processing times

Rice pudding, beef casseroles, soup, cheese and parsley sauce were all on the menu in our Product Development Kitchen this week.  We held two days of trials with a leading global food service company, demonstrating the quality and speed of the Jet Cook System and the impressive cooling of the new Belt Tumble Chiller, which can be loaded and unloaded automatically, with no labour required.

The Non-Drip Pump Fill Station Nozzle was also put through its paces, depositing both viscose and non-viscose sauces, some with particulates of more than 1 inch.  This nozzle can be retro-fitted to any of our existing Pump Fill Stations in addition to the new Model 400 Heat Seal.

Beef Casserole:  Firstly, the beef was sealed using the patented Braising Bar, then the In-tank Jet Cook Unit heated the meat, vegetables and liquid from 48°C to 98°C in 4 minutes.  This process would traditionally take in excess of 25 minutes with a traditional steam jacketed vessel.

Cook Time: 80 minutes 

Traditional Cook Time: 3 hours +    

Belt Tumble Chiller Cooling - from 84°C to 4°C in 38 minutes

Traditional Cooling Time:  120 minutes

Summary:  The finished product had great particulate integrity of both the meat and vegetables, and a rich flavoursome and viscose base.  

Cheese Sauce / Parsley Sauce:   These two dairy-based sauces are notorious for burn-on which can take 20-30 minutes after each batch to clean.  

Jet Cook Time: 20 minutes / no burn-on

Traditional Cooking Time: 50 minutes

Belt Tumble Chiller Cooling:  85°C to below 4°C in less than 40 minutes

Traditional Cooling Time:  90 minutes

Summary:  The soup was produced without the use of an external homogeniser, we used our In-Tank Jet Cook and In-Tank 2800rpm homogeniser to produce a delicious and smooth sauce.

Rice Pudding:  Rice Pudding is a favourite here at DCN, but it is tricky to produce using steam jacketed vessels. If you heat the milk too quickly it boils over and burns, too slow and it is a long process time. 

Summary: 300kgs of milk heated to 98°C in under 5 minutes. Zero burn-on and reduced overall processing time.

Our customer left very happy and has booked further trials for 2021.

If you would like some information on how we can reduce your processing times, product quality, yield, and down-time between batches, please get in contact:   [email protected] / +44 (0) 1767 677515

Cooking & cooling trials produce reduced processing times
Beef Casserole  
Cooking & cooling trials produce reduced processing times
Cheese Sauce 
Cooking & cooling trials produce reduced processing times
Rice Pudding