British Pie Week

The UK has voted Beef & Ale as the Nations favourite filling during this week’s British Pie Week!  DC Norris help many of the UK’s leading food manufacturers produce these delicious fillings with our advanced pie filling processing solution - Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar System. 

This cutting-edge technology not only improves the quality of fillings but dramatically reduces processing times and stages, compared to traditional jacket, vacuum and presure cooking methods.

Fat and salt content is also reduced with Jet Cook, but pie fillings remain delicious with great flavour and texture - making the Nations favourite pie even healthier than ever!   

Ronnie Miles, Managing Director of Bells Food Group Ltd uses Jet Cook and Braising Bar Systems, “….fantastic particulate integrity and a fresher more home cooked finished product. We produced 1500kgs batches of our Steak & Ale pie filling to an amazing finished product quality, the meat retained its size,  shape and both colour and flavour were excellent.

You can view premium Pie Fillings being made using Jet Cook on our website