Australian Pie Producer Rockets Ahead With Jet Processing

This week we started production and process training on three new Jet Process Systems at one of Australia’s leading pie producers.

The 1000kg systems incorporate many of DCN’s advanced processing technologies including In-Tank Jet Cooks, Braising System and Vapour Reduction which are all controlled with DCN’s Recipe Manager Software.  More than 100 million pies per year will be produced for this dynamic company using Jet Process.

From day one the systems were in full operation, producing hot fillings with impressive speed, improved product quality and reduced processing stages. Two of the big wins for this company were the dramatic reduction in burn-on, and up to 50% reduction in processing times.

The range of fillings produced are vast and include steak, steak and bacon, chicken, egg and bacon, spiced chicken, minced beef as well as sweet pies such as lemon curd.  One of these lines runs at more than 30,000 pies an hour, which is an incredible volume.

Next week, we have additional product and process training with NPD, Production and Technical personnel, who have all been very helpful and enthusiastic with their new equipment. The flexibility and new opportunities the Jet Process System can offer them, combined with DCN’s product and process support, is going to open many more doors for this dynamic company.