Are you getting the most out of your Jet Cook™?

Did you know that our patented Jet Cook is incredibly versatile and with a few simple additions you can solve some common problems, or even expand your product range?

  • Braising Bar - for those recipes which require a preliminary step such as caramelising onions, searing meat, crackling spices or creating a roux for sauces.
  • High Speed Powder Entrainment - Ideal for high powder content products; condensed milk, fortified milk drinks, maheu, bushera and dairy/non-dairy drink pre-mixes.
  • High Shear Emulsifier – A variety of textures from coarse to fine can easily be achieved without an external emulsifier. Increase your yields as product is retained in the vessel, not lost in pipework. 
  • MADS – our new solution for removing liquids and fats from products during the initial cooking process, to improve particulate integrity, flavour and texture. Removes excess fat from dishes such as lamb to give a better nutritional ‘back of pack’ declaration.

DC Norris is offering 1:1 Specialist Jet Cook Training to our existing customers to introduce these latest technologies and/or help with product development.

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