Another Jet Processing Maheu System Heads for Africa

We are delighted to receive yet another order for a DC Norris Jet Processing System to produce popular beverages maheu and bushera in Africa.

The system incorporates our new generation Multi In-line Jet Cook™ for both recirculation and single pass heating, as well as the super-efficient patented Powder Accelerator.   This brand new innovation is capable of entraining 600kgs of powder in just three minutes which is dramatically reducing the overall beverage processing times for our customers.  

Powders such as SMP, MP and cocoa will be hydrated at up to 12,000ltrs p/h fully demonstrating the systems flexibility and huge throughput potential.

Our single system with a footprint of 4x4 metres will replace up to 12x1000ltr of processing vessels, 2x1000ltr pre-slurry vessels, homogenisers and up to 14 transfer pumps, all of which need to be maintained and cleaned.

The Jet Cook will also greatly reduce our customers washing water consumption as there is zero burn-on when using this technology. To produce 12,000ltrs of Maheu/Bushera using traditional steam or coil jacketed vessels would require 12x1000ltr vessels and use approximately 14,200ltrs of water to fully clean.  This exciting new system will all be controlled by DCN’s patented Recipe Manager Software.

Our continuous  development and investment in our Jet Processing Systems and Product and Process Development facilities keeps DC Norris the World Leaders In Liquid Food Processing