Another challenge conquered with Jet Processing System

During customer trials this week, we eliminated two major historic customer issues with meat and meat sauce cooking.  The first issue is the ability to reproduce the braising/searing effect produced traditionally using bratt cooking with low volumes of meat to achieve a dry and consistent colour and texture.  

The second is the time-consuming, uncontrollable and dangerous process of draining fat and/or liquids from the meat during the cooking process to keep it dry to allow a good sear/colour and flavour development.  This also reduces the overall fat content in calorie and health sensitive recipes. If the fat/liquid is not removed the meat takes on a boiled taste, texture and colour.

DC Norris' new Jet Processing System incorporates our newest patented features and cutting-edge technologies and offers food and beverage producers a complete highly efficient all-in-one system.  Each system is bespoke to the customers individual needs.   For this trial we used the high temperature Braising Bar System, in conjunction with M.A.D.S (Multi-Aperture Drainage System), to simultaneously braise and drain off the excess fat and liquids.  This keeps the vessel dry and allows the braising system to colour and flavour meat to perfection. This is made possible by the specially designed multi-directional agitator with programmable Braising Bar which run in conjunction with the steam jacket controls.  As the meat is cooking and releasing its fats and liquids, a series of valves open and drain only the liquid from the bottom of the vessel, and either catch it to be used later, or completely discard it.  The Recipe Manager software and load cells can decide how long the valves are open, and how frequently to allow all or part of the liquids to be drained.

The  photographs show the dramatic effect this can have on the finished product; the Recipe Manager Software ensures these are repeatable.

We use the same process for searing/caramelising onions and other vegetables as well as cracking spice for ethnic cooking and the production of samosa and pie fillings. 

To produce the perfect product using a single system you need a variety of cooking techniques that the Jet Process System along with our fully qualified and experienced process development team is able to deliver.

Challenge us today and let over 45 years knowledge assist you to make better quality, healthier and cost-effective food quicker.

Another challenge conquered with Jet Processing System
30mm Braised Beef  
Another challenge conquered with Jet Processing System
Braised Steak 
Another challenge conquered with Jet Processing System
Samosa Filling