Another Busy Day of Production Trials for Jet Cook™

This week we ran production size test batches in our UK test kitchen as part of a customer’s FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing).

A mixture of both British and ethnic products were tested, including cheeses sauces and the UK’s leading ready meal, Chicken Tikka Masala.

The 750kg batches were produced using the customers recently purchased Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion System complete with In-Tank Jet Cook™ Units, Braising Bar, Recipe Manager, In-Vessel Emulsifier and load cells.

Our customer witnessed all the recipes being produced in greatly reduced processing times compared to their existing traditional steam-jacketed vessel. A 750kgs batch of cheese sauce was produced in less than 20 minutes with only two processing stages, whilst the chicken tikka masala took only 45 minutes.

Another huge advantage of the Jet Cook™ system is the lack of burn-on, even when using the Braising Bar to crackle the spices and cook off the onions.   Our customers’ existing system takes approximately 50 minutes to clean down manually after every batch, so they will notice a huge difference with their new system.     

We anticipate the system leaving our factory by the end of this month ready for site training and trials in early April.