Amazing quality pie fillings using Jet Cook™ in South Africa

Day 3 of our Jet Cook™ customer trials at Cape Town Peninsula University of Technology.

This customer has multiple production facilities in South Africa, including today’s division who produce one of the country’s leading branded pies.  Presently all their products are made on steam jacketed vessels, and they have also used pressure vessels in the past.  The objective of the trials was to reduce processing time whilst also increasing the quality, with visible pieces of meat and particulates in the pies/pasty fillings.

Cornish Pasty Filling:

The first trial was the most difficult, a cornish pasty filling with many different types of vegetables with variable cooking times, as well as a high % of raw 85vl minced meat. The vegetables were first seared to release their sweetness using our Braising Bar followed by the meat. The rest of the ingredients were added and the product quickly but gently heated and then cooked with the In-tank Jet Cook™ System. Our patented scooped scraper blades also helped a great deal as their forward and reverse action and large scoops helped gently but efficiently fold in the ingredients.

The traditional processing time was 90 minutes; we completed it in 35 minutes with a superior finished product (see below video). The customer was absolutely delighted with the product quality and the individual visible pieces of vegetables and meat; this was the highlight of their day.     

Steak Pie Filling:

The second product was a steak pie filling which we again produced used a combination of Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar.  The finished product was excellent with large pieces of visible steak, produced in 40 minutes compared to the original 90 minutes.  Due to the superior hydration/gelatinisation the Jet Cook™ has on starches and flour, the product was far too thick so an additional 30kgs of water was added.

This additional water had no effect on the flavour which was a match for the existing product but with a significant yield difference.

Taking the learnings from the above trial we removed all the flour, some 6kgs from this next steak and kidney recipe, and again the Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar combination was a success. The product was produced 45 minutes quicker than the existing process, and even with the flour removed the product was still too viscose, so an additional 10kgs of water was added giving an amazing finished product yield.

Chicken and Mushroom Filling:

The final product was a chicken and mushroom filling which suffers from burn-on due to the viscosity of the product and the dairy content.  There is also an issue with poor appearance of mushrooms in the final product, most likely due to the cooking time. Using Jet Cook and Braising Bar again, the product was produced in 35 minutes with zero burn-on and good chicken/mushroom visibility and integrity, and a positive yield.  An additional benefit was the potential to reduce the roux and starch content in the recipe.

The results of all the trials show an improvement in taste, yields and appearance.  There is also the potential to reduce starch, flour, fat and spice pack % in all the recipes we trialled, giving the customer even more savings and a healthier product.

All the fillings will be made into finished products next week, and we expect to get the taste panel results soon after. They have requested further trials on more fillings and have asked for some Research and Development assistance which we will provide.