Advanced Jet Cook™ Process Training at Strathmore Foods

This week we ran two days of advanced Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion Product and Process training at Strathmore Foods, and incorporated the new Recipe Manager system they have recently added to their system.

Strathmore have been using the Jet Cook™ System now for more than six months and have seen some dramatic reductions in processing time* and processing stages and have maintained their excellent product quality.

The product range produced includes Macaroni Cheese, Mince Beef and Potatoes, Corn Beef Hash, Stovies and many more traditional Scottish dishes. These products are being produced for both the Scottish and English market places under both retail own label and their famous McIntosh and Scottish Favourites Brands.

 MD Douglas Nisbet is delighted with the product quality and speed of his new systems, and the product support provided by the D C Norris team.

We would like to thank Douglas, Julie and the team for their continuous support and wish them the best of luck with their new product launches, especially the Salmon Macaroni.

 * more than 75% on some products