Advanced Jet Cook™ Process & Product Training at KK Fine Foods

Following the successful installation five months ago of six of our award-winning Jet Cook™ Retro-Fits at KK Fine Foods in Chester, we returned this week for an additional two days of advanced product and process training.

The training involved transferring traditional cooking processes/methods over to Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion methods, therefore reducing processing times and stages.  This would give KK the exact finished product they were looking for.

Over the two day period we trialled 10 products including meat-based sauces such as chilli, bolognese and ragu as well as tomato-based pasta sauces, curries and vegan dishes.

The changes also gave our customer excellent particulate integrity of meat and vegetables, and strong emulsions in cheese and béchamel sauces.  Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion eliminates burn-on issues commonly associated with more traditional methods such as steam jacket.

The unique and controllable way in which the Jet Cook™ gelatinises and hydrates starches at lower temperature, and the intense but controlled heating and mixing within the unit, give consistent finished product viscosities, yields and colour.

We are delighted to be working with Samir, David and their excellent team at KK, and we look forward to a continued partnership in the future.