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News Archive

Jet Cook™ is the first choice for Pie Fillings

Date Added: 23.07.2021

Following several trials at our UK R&D Centre in Sandy, Great Gransden, we have received an order from the UK’s leading Premium Quality Branded... > More

Jet Cook™ Kettle Systems head to the FIFA World Cup 2022

Date Added: 29.06.2021

Multiple systems left our UK manufacturing facility today packed and ready to be shipped to the FIFA World Cup 2022. These systems will be feeding the... > More

Reduction Cook Chutneys with Jet Cook™

Date Added: 15.06.2021

Last week, we worked with a UK customer to improve the finished product quality and speed of production of two of their largest volume products: Caramelised... > More

Pie & Pasty Filling Trials with Jet Cook

Date Added: 28.05.2021

Over the last 7 days we have ran product trials with two large pie producers based in the UK, one mainly producing for supermarkets and the other both own... > More

Jet Cook Systems pass PDI with flying colours

Date Added: 24.05.2021

At the end of last week we had a PDI with the Billington Food Group on three new retro-fitted In-Tank Jet Cooks and Braising Bars to three DC Norris... > More

UK Ambient Food Producer Trials Recipes in our Product Development Kitchen

Date Added: 30.03.2021

The ketchup contained no starch and was produced using just the In-Tank Jet Cook™ to heat and homogenise the product.  The flexibility of the high... > More

New Condiment Sauce Videos

Date Added: 23.02.2021

Three additional sauces were added to our customers’ existing product portfolio last week with the help of extra product and process training from our... > More

Award Winning Multi In-line System Leaves for Greece

Date Added: 17.02.2021

This stand-alone system is capable of heating 1000kgs of yoghurt, condensed milk and other liquid products from 6°C to 99°C in less than 10... > More

Remote and In-person Trials and Training Continue

Date Added: 27.01.2021

The Covid pandemic hasn’t slowed down our product trials and training in the UK or Overseas.  During the last four weeks, we have remotely installed... > More

Jet Cook kicks off 2021 with a World Cup Special

Date Added: 15.01.2021

This week, we were delighted to receive an order from a large food service company in the State of Qatar, for systems to provide food for the FIFA 2022 World... > More

Remote Product & Process Commissioning in Southern India

Date Added: 21.12.2020

Over the last 8 days the DCN engineers worked with our customers engineers and electricians to remotely install and commission their new 500ltr Jet Cook System... > More

Cooking & cooling trials produce reduced processing times

Date Added: 17.12.2020

Rice pudding, beef casseroles, soup, cheese and parsley sauce were all on the menu in our Product Development Kitchen this week.  We held two days of... > More