Further Jet Cook™ Pre-Production Trials

Date Added: 18.05.2020

Our test kitchen is still up and running even during these very difficult times, and we are adhering to best safety practices whilst still working to meet our... > More

Kirsty’s Choose Jet Cook™ For New Ready Meal Facility

Date Added: 12.05.2020

Last week we ran three days of pre-production trials with Kirsty Henshaw; food entrepreneur and one of the youngest people to receive investment on the TV... > More

Why now is the right time to invest in Jet Cook™ Technology

Date Added: 22.04.2020

An increased demand for food:  Food and beverage manufacturers are seeing a 400% increase in production, with a 50%+ decrease in staff/production... > More

Sauce, Relish and Marmalade with Jet Cook™ Australia

Date Added: 26.03.2020

As the end of two weeks of Jet Cook™ training with customers across Australia draws to an end, we have had some exceptional results with three very... > More