New Products from the Home of Jet Cook™

Date Added: 14.10.2020

We have produced some original new products on the Jet Cook System such as Risotto, Mousse, Luxury Macaroni Cheese and Creamy Mashed Potato.  The videos... > More

Jet Cook produces restaurant quality meals

Date Added: 28.09.2020

Last week we ran our second day of product trials with a chilled ready meal and meat producer from the North of England, who supplies both high end retail and... > More

Top Quality Jet Cook™ ‘Free From’ Desserts

Date Added: 17.09.2020

This week we have been working with the Freaks of Nature R&D and Production team, conducting product and process training on their new Jet Cook and DA... > More

Are you getting the most out of your Jet Cook™?

Date Added: 16.09.2020

Braising Bar - for those recipes which require a preliminary step such as caramelising onions, searing meat, crackling spices or creating a roux for... > More