Veganuary Starts with Plant-based Product Trials

Date Added: 14.01.2022

Our first trials of the year started with a plant-based ready meal manufacturer from the UK.  Plant-based meals have become extremely popular in recent... > More

Jet Cook™ Condensed Milk System meets increased demand in Malaysia

Date Added: 29.10.2021

Malaysia is the largest condensed milk user in the world and demand to produce the product is growing every year alongside the rise of energy costs.  The... > More

Product Development Trials Demonstrate Jet Cook™ Benefits

Date Added: 12.10.2021

The customer is a leading chilled meat producer who is now in the process of adding long shelf-life ready meals to his portfolio. Our Product and Process... > More

Overseas Advanced Jet Cook™ Product Training

Date Added: 23.09.2021

Due to a growing demand now for high quality/restaurant quality products, we were asked to assist our customer with some new products they are launching.... > More