UK Ambient Food Producer Trials Recipes in our Product Development Kitchen

Date Added: 30.03.2021

The ketchup contained no starch and was produced using just the In-Tank Jet Cook™ to heat and homogenise the product.  The flexibility of the high... > More

New Condiment Sauce Videos

Date Added: 23.02.2021

Three additional sauces were added to our customers’ existing product portfolio last week with the help of extra product and process training from our... > More

Award Winning Multi In-line System Leaves for Greece

Date Added: 17.02.2021

This stand-alone system is capable of heating 1000kgs of yoghurt, condensed milk and other liquid products from 6°C to 99°C in less than 10... > More

Remote and In-person Trials and Training Continue

Date Added: 27.01.2021

The Covid pandemic hasn’t slowed down our product trials and training in the UK or Overseas.  During the last four weeks, we have remotely installed... > More