DCN’s Jet Cook™ Technology creates great tasting and high quality dessert products. Delicious fruit-based sauces, custards, rice-based puddings, mousses, flavoured creams, chocolates sauces as well as caramel, and fudge fillings/ toppings which can be produced in a fraction of the standard time.

Dairy based desserts made using traditional steam jackets will suffer from burn-on and slow processing time due to having to run the steam jacket on low steam pressure to reduce burn-on.  A good example is 1000kgs of dairy custard takes approximately 50-65mins using a traditional jacketed vessel, Jet Cook™ will take approximately 25mins.  Also the rapid heating and simultaneous homogenising creates smaller fat/dairy droplet sizes giving the product a creamier mouth feel.

The production of fillings and fudges is a quick and simple operation/process. The Jet Cook’s ability to simultaneously mix, heat and hydrate large volumes of powder into liquid in a fraction of the traditional processing time give the finished product a smooth and creamy texture with no chance of burn-on.

The finished product also has an attractive glossy look, this is due to both the emulsification provided by the Jet Cook™ and the product not getting any hotter than the vessel skin.  The usual surface temperature of the vessel skin would be in excess of 140°C, creating burn-on which will give a dull finish to the product.   Using our method, 100% of the heating is coming from the Jet Cook.

Fruit toppings and fillings are produced very easily and efficiently using the combination of our Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion and powder entrainment system. Powders and hard to wet gums such as pectin, xanthan, starch and CMC are entrained directly into the liquid with no fish eyes or agglomerations in seconds and rapidly heated to give a low temperature gelatinising/activation. Once the powders are fully or partially activated the fruit is added and quickly but gently mixed into the gel and heated to the required temperature. As the Jet Cook™ has no moving parts the integrity of the fruit is maintained and due to the rapid and even heating the fruit maintains its colour and texture. Fresh fruit has a dramatically reduced colour loss due to the heating/cooking reducing oxidisation.    

”It has been a real pleasure working with DCN, they have a great service orientated team and innovative equipment that has allowed us to make unique and delicious products here in the UK.”

Paul Schiefer - Operations Director

Amy’s Kitchen - UK

Rice Pudding  
Salted Caramel Ice-Cream Filling 
Madagascan Custard